If you have a smartphone with the Android operating system, surely these tips we separate for you, will greatly help in battery saving, security and performance. Android is the most used platform in the world. And have tools that can help you get more out of your smartphone’s performance.

1: Enable automatic battery saving mode

By enabling this feature, your device will save you more battery power so you can enjoy even more when the battery is no longer as good. This feature is considered essential because there is currently no smartphone battery that lasts all day. Especially when it comes to a user who uses his device constantly. And while the solution for long-lasting batteries is not solved, it is important to activate this function to take advantage of the use of your device.

2- Enable saving of data

The mobile data consumption directly reaches the device’s battery. But the use of mobile internet is essential for anyone who needs internet on a daily basis. Also, enabling data saving helps you save your data package. With this setting, some Apps stop receiving internet. But you can choose which Apps to configure to save data.

3: Remove apps you do not use from the home screen

Removing the apps you least use from the home screen will help you not to get lost looking for what you want to use. In addition, many Apps on the home screen can disrupt the performance of the device when scrolling to another screen. So we recommend only the essential, everyday Apps.

4: Clear the apps cache

Apps accumulate temporary memory, which is often unnecessary. And deleting this storage will greatly help with performance and even the amount of internal storage.

5: Keep your device up to date

Always using the latest version of Android available for your device is essential to help you with your device’s performance and functions. In addition to modifying its interface, improving its use. Android software updates always contain improvements so it’s good to always keep updated.

Making these settings on your Android smartphone will help you a lot in several points, as has already been said. We hope to have helped you until the next!


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