In the present time, a lot is being done to improve the search results and offer a better experience to the people. This is done through the various algorithms from Google that not only change the ranking of several sites but even the traffic coming to them. The whole sole motive of introducing different kinds of updates is just to enhance the user experience. But when such updates it is the marketers who are left off thinking what to do next. Even the most experienced professionals get stressed and panic when they come across any changes in the Google algorithm.

Dealing with the algorithm updates is definitely not simple but rather than getting panic find ways to tackle the same. A downfall in your website ranking may not always be the result of the updates but there can be a lot of things associated with it. So before you consider the site to be penalized or being affected by the new Google updates, it is high time you analyze a number of factors to reach any conclusion.

Check for the changes

Many times it happens that you have made any changes to the site and it has resulted in the falling of your website rank as well as the traffic. So rather than blaming the Google for the same, make sure you check for the various kinds of changes made to the site like the content of your site, technical changes and lots more. Apart from this, here are a few things that you need to look into.
  • See whether your competitors are affected by the updates or not. Check out their ranking and see if there is any kind of fall or not.
  • Check the search console where you can see if the site is penalized or not.
  • If in case your site is penalized, the same will be reflected in Google as well so check for the same
  • In case of being penalized, it affects a number of pages of your site and not just one. So look for all the pages which seem to be affected.

Make use of the tools

Though tools are a great source of information to let you know about the performance of the site and SERP volatility but understanding the overall industry trends is more important. You just cannot be dependent on the information received from the tool but have to check your competitors too to ensure whether their business is going the same fluctuations or not. This is the best way to identify whether the site is penalized or there is something more to it.

Work on your site

Google is now focussing on offering improved search results to the people and that is why it is rolling out so many algorithms and updates. Even Google wants the best sites to be on the top and that is why it is ensuring that sites with poor or low-quality content are brought down or even being removed from the search. Therefore you need to make sure that the site is appealing, its landing page is great, quality information is present on the sites, you have proper Guest Blog posts, there are no broken links etc. If Google loves your site it will definitely be in search no matter how tough the competition is.

So it is very clear from the above information that you need to take a deep look into your site, analyze it carefully before reaching any conclusion. If in this attempt you feel that you are penalized by Google or have been affected by the updates, here is the next step that you need to take.

But before you do anything, the first thing is to understand as which update has affected the site. Now you might be wondering as for how this is possible. Just take the help of Google Webmaster tools in this case as these can be useful in identifying what went wrong and how has the penalty affected the site. Once the root cause is identified, it becomes a bit easy to work on it and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Stay calm

When any site gets penalized it is sure to impact on your business and it is definitely a question of worry for the business owners. Getting panic is not the way to deal with the problem but you need to stay calm and see how to deal with the problem. Getting stressed will just add up to the issue and things can become worse. So it is always a good idea to keep all the things aside and concentrate on the suggestions of Google as how you can overcome this penalty and bounce back.

It is definitely stressful to deal with all this but you need to have patience, talk to your team, have a look at your site and work on the changes. Even the experts are of the view that unnecessary worrying is of no help and this is the reason one should look for ways to tackle the issues at the earliest. The earlier it is, better it will before the site, search engine ranking and the business on the whole.

Wait and explore

Getting involved directly into website changes is not the right thing. Wait for some time, analyze the things, study your competitors and accordingly go for the changes. Doing it all in a hurry can be time wasting and you will definitely not want this to happen. So give time and wait for around 2-3 weeks to see how the different sites of the same industry have been affected. This will give you an idea of what went wrong and whether it is your site affected or the ones similar to yours.

So don’t be in a hurry but take your time and then reach to any kind of update once you are sure of it.

Rely on trusted sources to get complete information

In order to cope up with the changes, you need to make a few changes in your site. But what are the changes that you need to make is the first question. So make sure you read a lot and find out everything about the different updates that have recently hit Google. Based on the search and the kind of suggestions given by the experts you can move ahead and make modifications to the site.

There are a lot of sources available over the internet but ensure you trust the good ones only where you find genuine information. Getting on the wrong track can definitely spoil the things and make the condition worst. So research the right sources and then draw any conclusion.

What to do to cope with the algorithm updates?

There is nothing much that you need to do is ensure that your site is safe from being penalized or getting affected by the different updates. Just keeping doing good SEO and follow the current practices for the same. If you are doing this in no way your site will get affected. Google always loves sites which are well-designed, SEO and user-friendly, optimised and have quality content so make sure you work on the same to keep the site up to date.

But keeping up with the changes is necessary to see the rank of your website improving. When an update is released, just wait for some time, carry out a little research, go for analysis and integrate the changes which are necessary. In this way, you will be able to find a solution for all the updates and still keep your site protected from all kinds of penalties.

So there is nothing to worry about but just comply with all kinds of updates and algorithms and see your site getting better day by day. Hope you like the information and find it worth.


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