How To Activate Same Whatsapp Account On Multiple Phones

How to activate same Whatsapp account on multiple phonesGadget desk: The world’s number one instant messaging app, WhatsApp’s craze is increasing day by day, but it’s a big week point that it can not be open from one phone to another. But if you want to operate a WhatsApp from another phone, you can do it with one app.This app is called Whatscan for WhatsApp. So this app’s usage lets you operate an account fully in other smartphones. After installing Whatscan for WhatsApp App, you can use other Watts account messages, photos, and other data.

Use same Whatsapp account on different devices: Millions of smartphone users connect with their buddies using Whatsapp messenger. It is the most used messaging platform followed by Snapchat. I use whatsapp on my android based Xiaomi RedMi Note 3. Recently, I read about how to use same whatsapp account on two or more phones without rooting or Whatsapp Web. Official site states that, you cannot activate/verify one whatsapp account to multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbers. It means that, if you have dual sim phone, you cannot use the same account with two sims. It also means that, you cannot use two whatsapp accounts on same android/iOS gadget, unless you use apps lParallel Space multi-accounts app or root your device. Yet, we came across a work around to activate one whatsapp account on two Xiaomi smartphones.

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