Opportunity for millions of unemployed if the age of government employees is 55

And as much as 33 years in excess of what is done, no share of gratuity is calculated in the year after the retirement of 33 years. Apart from the last 50 years of government employee's employment, every government, government, semi government, board, corporation, panchayat under government offices and state government has set 33 years of pension for every year.After that the presentation was done immediately.

Each year, including Bhavnagar district in Gujarat, every year, the number of lakhs from universities and colleges and BPITs gets different grades, and the number of educated unemployed goes up very much every day.

At the same time, according to the study and duty taken by the 33 years fixed on the government and the employment of the government and the government, the state government and the board, corporation, panchayat, in these institutions, millions of employees retired.The students who have received this degree are waiting for government jobs for themselves and their parents, hoping to find a government job. May be

If only 33 years of pensionable employment is determined by the age limit, then many educated unemployed can get the benefit of employment in each of the above mentioned government institutions. In order through synergize our above mentioned representation and toward take decisions of the students and the future development of the state, Has been done.

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