Modi government will get 50mbps speed internet by 2022

Modi government will get 50mbps speed internet by 2022

The government has announced a new telecommunication policy draft in the name of the National Digital Communication Policy 2018, which aims to nurture new jobs in the region till 2022. In the new telecom policy, Nithin has expressed desire to make 50 Mbps broadband speed available to every citizen of the country and attract investment of $ 100 billion in the field.
With the introduction of 50 Mbps broadband service broadband service to every citizen in the new policy, the target is to provide all the Gram Panchayats in the country by 1 GBps and 10 GBps broadband service by 2022. According to the draft, investment of $ 100 billion will be attracted to the country by 2022 in order to accelerate the growth of the country's new generation technology.
The aim of the draft is to achieve its goal under three programs by 2022. These three programs are Connect India, Secure India and Propelled India. The purpose of the draft under Connect India program is to provide internet connectivity with a speed of up to 50 Mbps for every citizen. With a connectivity area of ​​up to 2022, one million WiFi hotspots have to be installed.
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