Now If Driving Licenses Are At Home, You Can Still Escape From Penalties,

know how you do not have to panic if you have forgotten the driving license and vehicle’s RCBook at home soon. Because now the police can not cut your currency. The government has terminated the need for keeping a hard copy of the license. Instead, you will have to copy your documents into the digital locker. Traffic police or other agencies can confirm that document by the Declarator App.
The government has ordered not to take an original copy of the Central and State Transport Departments and Traffic Police Documents for verification.
The transport ministry asked traffic police and state transport departments not to seek original copy verification of documents such as driving licenses, registration certificates and insurance papers.

Instead, an electronic copy of the document placed on the Digilor or Impersonation App will be allowed. Which means that the traffic police can now manually check this database on their mobile.
Notably, this app is not available in IOS but it is also working on which app can come in.
What is a digital locker?
On this, you can digitize your important documents and see when they need it.
How to open?
To use a digital locker or digitizer you will need to go to, For which you will need a support card number
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