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7th Lok Sabha Election Result Live Update Date : 23-05-2019

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The Loc Sabha Elections are being conducted in 7 phases from 11th April 2019 to 19th May 2019. Apart from these 29 states, the Loc Sabha elections had earlier concluded in India. While the results of the Loc Sabha elections will be declared on 23rd May 2019.


In this year's Lok Sabha election 2019, around 90 crore people are eligible to vote this time. The number is an increase of about 9 crore compared to last time. It is estimated that about 13 crore voters this time will be first-time voters. The actual number of people who do vote, however, is far less. Even though 2014 saw the highest turnout ever in independent India's history at 66.4 per cent, it meant a huge 27.3 crore people did not vote.

Holding elections in India, world's seventh largest nation by area and second most populous country is a complex process. The model code of conduct has already been put in place for this year's election where nearly 2,000 parties and over 8,000 candidates will be contesting elections for 543 seats. The model code of conduct is a set of guidelines that candidates, and political parties and governments must follow to keep elections fair.

Two-thirds of Indians are under 35. With 43 crore Indians owning a smartphone, half a billion using the Internet, 30 crore using Facebook, 20 crore sending messages on WhatsApp and 3 crore users on Twitter, political parties and candidates will aggressively use new technology and social media to win the hearts and minds of young voters.

Millions of poll workers, police and security personnel are deployed in cities, towns, villages and hamlets. They use planes, boats, trains, helicopters, elephants and camels and travel by foot to reach far flung voters, because every vote counts. Elections in India are nothing less than a "festival of democracy."

Electronic voting machines

As in recent elections, the 2019 voting has relied on EVM – electronic voting machines. The Election Commission of India deployed a voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) system which enables electronic voting machines to record each vote cast by generating the EVM slip. Tried in previous elections on a sample basis, VVPAT system is being used in all 543 Lok sabha constituencies for the 2019 election

Lok Sabha Election Dates:
Voting will be held across India on 11 April , 18 April, 23 April, 29 April, 6 May, 12 May and 19 May.

Lok Sabha Election Polling Stations:

More than 10 lakh polling stations would be set up to conduct the Lok Sabha election 2019, which is a latest world record. Voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) will be used in all polling stations. 11 lakh electronic voting machines (EVMs) will be used in Lok Sabha Election 2019.

Lok Sabha Election 2019 First Time Voters:
Lok Sabha Election 2019 will see over 13 crore first-time voters. These voters in the age group of 18-19 years constitute.

Lok Sabha Election: Voters In "Others" Category
Transgender persons enrol in the electoral rolls as "Others" on the gender category. This time, the number of electors enrolled as "others" gender is 38,325.

Lok Sabha Election Eligible Voters:

Around 90 crore people are eligible to vote this time, the Election Commission has said. The number is an increase of about 9 crore compared to last time. It is estimated that about 13 crore voters this time will be first-time voters.

  • Name of Pools: Indian General Parliamentary Pools
  • Total Number of Seats: 545
  • Result Declared: No updates yet
  • Candidate List of BJP: not released yet
  • Candidate List of Congress: not available
  • Candidate List of APP: not released
  • Other Parties Candidate List: Not available

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Live Updates Results – Parliamentary Polls


Lok Sabha Election 2019 candidates:
8,000 ++ person will fight for 543 seats. 2 seats are reserved(member add by president).

Lok Sabha Election Political Parties:
1,841 political parties recognised by the Election Commission will contest in Lok Sabha election 2019.

Which party won how many seats in what state? By what percentage a certain candidate has won from a certain seat? Which candidates were the winners, and who were the losers from which constituency? Naturally, the political bigwigs and the ones who have challenged them will be closely watched too. On a single click, you'd be able to find out who were the important players who lost, or won. If you want to find out the performance of a particular candidate or a party in any of the five state, Dailyhunt app is the right place for you. Just select the state, deep dive into it and you'll have the results of each candidate from that particular seat. You can find out all about which candidate got how many votes, who won or lost by how many votes. Not only this, you will be able to see the particular vote percentage or a particular party on your mobile screen - with the number of votes.

There is much other news regarding the 2019 Lok Sabha elections such as:

Results are not yet declared, it would be available after the polling is done
Mayawati is all set to keep her rivalry aside and shake hands with a Samajwadi party for the Lok Sabha in
For the Lok Sabha 2019 elections, K Chandrasekhar Rao has claimed to win 16 seats for the next elections.
In 2019, the election commission will be asked to conduct the Assembly polls simultaneously Lok Sabha elections.
Government to ask EC: Can simultaneous Lok Sabha assembly polls be held in 2019? – April 14th, 2018, The Times of India
Karnataka campaign over, BJP gets ready for Lok Sabha 2019 polls – May 11th, 2018, India Today.

The first phase of Lok Sabha elections, that took place on April 11, saw a voter turnout of of 69.43 per cent. A total of 91 Lok Sabha constituencies spread across 18 states and two Union territories had gone for polls in the first phase. The second phase of the Lok Sabha elections, that took place on April 18, saw 66 per cent voting. Bengal saw highest voting percentage of 76 per cent. Over 1,600 candidates contested on 95 seats in general election Phase 2.

Phase 3 elections saw 66 per cent voter turnout. The highest voting was recorded in Assam where 80 per cent people came up to vote. Bengal was close second with 79.36 per cent voting.

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