TAT Secondary (English Medium / Hindi Medium) Official Result Analysis

State Examination Board (SEB), Gujarat, Teachers Aptitude Test (Secondary) (English Medium / Hindi Medium) Official Result Analysis

New delhi date. 8: .. Preparations are underway to make major changes in the school education system in the country. In the central budget of this time, the government has conveyed its intentions. With the introduction of the new education policy proposed by the center, the 50-year-old structure of school education in the country will change completely. After this budget movement has increased.

The changes that will be seen from the implementation of the new policy include the introduction of a new foundation-level syllabus in school education. It will include learning from pre primary to second standard. In primary education, only standard three, four and five will be held. The current structure of school education was prepared in 1968.

Official Result Analysis:
• English Medium: Click Here
• Hindi Medium: Click Here


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